Class A Restaurant Refill

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  • This refill is ideal for restaurants and food processing facilities
  • Includes blue woven metal detectable band aids
  • Refill contents designed to fit on 2 shelves of a standard wall cabinet
  • We bulked up the standard class A kit with additional items most commonly used in the food service environment, including additional woven bandaids (XL strips, knuckle and fingertip), antiseptic towelettes, antibiotic cream, and burn cream.
  • This kit does not include medicine tablets.  If you want generic medications, please checkout our Tablet Shelf

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Product Description

Our restaurant refill meets ANSI class A.  Ideal for any business handling food including, fast food and sit down restaurants, convenient stores, corporate kitchens, school cafeterias, and food processing plants.  The restaurant refill contains blue metal detectable band aids, and is well equipped to handle the burns and other minor injuries common to restaurant workers and patrons.  Please click the contents tab for a full list of the restaurant refill contents.

16 – CertiStrips -(1″x3″)
3 – Triangular Bandage – w/Pins (40″x40″x56″)
4 – Certi-Gauze Pads (3″x3″)
10 – Certi-Sporyn – Antibiotic Cream (1g)
10 – Antiseptic BZK Towelettes (5″x7″)
10 – Hand Sanitizer (1g)
2 – Certi-Tape (1/2×2.5 yd.)
8 – Eye Pads – 4 Certi-Tape – 4 (Oval/Strips)
10 – Certi-Burn Cream (1g)
2 pair – Gloves – Nitrile (Large)
1 – CPRotector® – Plastic Bag – “Mouth-to-Mouth” Barrier (5.5″ sq.)
1 – Water Jel Burn Dressing (4″x4″)
1 – Cold Pack – Certi-Cool Junior (5″x7″)
1 – Eye Wash (4oz.)
1 – Certi-Gauze Roll (2″x6 yd.)
1 – Scissors – Bandage – Red Handle (4″)
2 – Trauma Pad Compress (5″x9″)
Burn Cream 25/Box
Antibiotic Cream 25/Box
Antiseptic Towlettes 25/Box
Woven 1″x3″ Blue Metal Detecable 50/Box
Woven 2″x3″ Adhesive Blue Metal Detecable 25/Box
Woven Knuckle Blue Metal Detecable 25/Box
Woven Fingertip Blue Metal Detecable 25/Box
1 – First Aid Facts Guide (Book)


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